100% Mexican Company, cutting edge technology.

Navi Lux S.A. de C.V., a 100% Mexican company, started producing adhesive tapes and labels in 1997, under the name of NAVITEK. We have been constantly growing ever since, always persevering, even when the incessant economic fluctuations are not always favorable for business development. This makes us proud and shows the high quality of our products, as well as the availability of the value added services that we always have for you.

Currently, we have 5 workstations headed by our corporate offices, 2 plants in Mexico City and another plant in Monterrey. Adding 2 distribution centers, in Texcoco and Guadalajara.

We provide innovative and hiqh-quality products with a wide variety of products that range from school to industrial supplies. All these products are produced having in mind the environment and your family. Over 98% of our products are manufactured with water-based adhesives, without solvents or pollutants that may affect your health or the environment.

We make a great effort and provide large investments for the research and development of new products, as well as to generate new adhesives. We try to create new products almost every year, which will allow our customers to have a competitive edge and an accelerated growth in their sales.

We are constantly looking for new suppliers, more efficient and reliable, always aiming at having the best quality.

Our NAVITEK adhesive tapes and labels are manufactured with stateof- the-art machinery and modern equipments, supported by a group of professionals committed to our customers, quality and service.

Currently, Navi Lux produces over 100 million square meters of adhesive tapes and labels per year, which allows us to meet the growing needs of our current and future customers.


In Navi Lux we are committed to develop, manufacture and commercialize adhesive tapes and packaging materials that comply with the highest standards worldwide based on the participation and talent of our staff. We obtain our Client’s satisfaction by working with Quality, Productivity and Continuous Improvement in adherence to our values and joining efforts with our suppliers. In Navi Lux we work with manufacturing processes that help preserve the environment through appropriate use of our resources and that ensure the safety of our employees and the community.

Vision / Mission

MISSION It is develop, produce and market tapes, adhesives products and packaging products to the highest manufacturing standards, providing high quality and competitiveness that provide complete satisfaction to all our clients, national and international. Valuing and strengthening the talent of our employees alike. Socially committed to the development of the country and actively contributing to the preservation of the environment.

VISION It is to be a world class company, based on the competence of its staff and its technological edge. This will be offering innovative products that anticipate the needs of our current customers and future. It is staffed by teams of people with high human quality, who are in continuous learning.


Honesty: Act righteously at all times and in everything we do. We are honest, genuine and authentic and always act based on the truth, building team trust and giving each one his due.

Equity: We are equitable, giving fair treatment to all people. We ensure that living conditions and working are dignified and equal to all of them, without making any difference between them.

Security: We value that working safely, is to work with quality. Keeping always the best behaviors regarding health & safety and establishing systems to prevent and control risks.

Ensuring: compliance with environmental regulations. Integrity: Be real at all times. We assume commitments and fulfill promises, we achieve our objectives, we do what we say, and know that failure is not the end of everything. We learn from our mistakes and we know we can return to start acquiring a new teaching. Leadership: We have the leadership, because of taking the initiative to encourage and motivate to our teams, giving the best of ourselves. We grow and do that our staff grow in a leadership based on emotional intelligence that knows how to listen, teach and motivate your teams, delegating roles, recognizing a job well done and creates opportunities for all, looking for new and better ways to doing things.

Collaboration: Leverage collective talent as a lifestyle. We promote teamwork to achieve the integration and troubleshooting help and spontaneously serve others, in order to increase productivity.

High performance: What we do … we do it right. Integrate teams with ordinary people, whose results are extraordinary, complying over what they promise and give the maximum, its main rival are themselves, share mistakes, rectify and move forward and turn their differences in active participation.

Responsibility: To make things happen depends on oneself. We comply with our obligations and pay attention to what we do and say, we manage our time, take care of our facilities, equipment and resources provided by the company to carry out our activities.