Custom “Locked” Printed Tape


Manufactured with bi-oriented polypropylene that give to the tape a great resistance to tension and breaking, with pressure sensitive acrylic water-based adhesive that offers high resistance and confiability. Customized printed with designs and logos in a broad range of colors.

Lock Printing: Your design is located between the film and the adhesive, making it permanent, inviolable, protected against the wear and tear; your design will not be able to scratched off  3 Inks maximum.


​To distinguish, advertise, differentiate products and packages with high quality printings. Can be printed with information as: Name and address of the company or branches, security text, customized information. Can help to distinguish warehouses, also is useful for publicity campaigns, promote products and more. Can be used in automatic or semi-automatic case sealers.

Available measures

width: 24 / 36 / 48 / 72mm

length: 50 / 150 / 910 m

For special colors and measures, please contact our Sales agent.

Tape  colors:


Available in:

100 Light Duty
200 Heavy Duty

???? Technical sheet 100 Light Duty 

???? Technical sheet 200 Heavy Duty