Double Sided Tape Polyester 170


Double sided polyester tapes are made of a polyester film between 2 layers of adhesive and a silicone backing. The polyester layer makes it a tape with high tensile strength and gives it great adaptability on various surfaces, it is transparent and is made with high performance water-based acrylic adhesive. It is resistant to extreme temperature variations. They are easy to cut and place by hand or with applicators.

Product application

The double sided polyester tapes are perfect to be used on mounting and more. At home to paste posters and photograph, in mechanic can replace light joints, in industry can be used to place moldings, to place carpets and more. Can be used to fix high density objects, paper splices, sheets and more.

Available measures:

width: 12mm / 18mm / 24mm / 36mm / 48mm
length: 50m

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