Packing Tape Acrylic OFFILAND® O-40


OFFILAND® ’s packaging tape is a low priced grade tape manufactured with bi-oriented polypropylene that grants a great tension strenght and breaking resistance with a water-based acrylic adhesive, offering an excellent performance and versatility to satisfy any light packaging application. Its adhesive is good for the environment, doesn’t have solvents and can be used in a broad range of weathers. It doesn’t crystalize at low temperature or melt at high temperature so it does not compromise the package integrity or the products. The water-based acrylic adhesive improves it stickyness with the pass of time, keeping it properties, doesn’t yellowed and doesn’t leak, making our tape a high quality product.


Masked various surfaces in the shop, home, school and office, bonding, sealing, non-critical painting applications. Excellent work of interior painted and repainted, varnished wood furniture, metal and plastic.

Available measures:

width: 48 mm

length: 35m / 50m / 100m / 150m

Available measures:


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