Packing Tape Heavy Duty 200


Manufactured with bi-oriented polypropylene that grants a great tension strength and breaking resistance, with a water-based acrylic adhesive, offering an excellent performance and versatility to satisfy any packaging application specially at carton boxes and carton liners.
Its adhesive is good for the environment, doesn’t have solvents and can be used in a board range of weathers. It doesn’t crystalize at low temperature or melt at high temperature so it doesn’t compromise the package integrity or the products. The water-based acrylic adhesive improves it stickyness with the pass of time.


Useful for industry applications as: Case sealing, bulks, paper splices, plastic wrap, polyethylene and big or heavy packages.  Can be applied manually or with tape dispensers

Available measures:

width:  48mm

lenght:  50m / 150m / 910m

For special colors and measures, please contact our sales agent.

Available colors:



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