Pre-cut Book Adhesive Cover 96


Developed to  easy-to-use  to cover books and notebooks, useful  to cover and protect a surfaces. Manufactured  with a water-based acrylic adhesive layer over a thick polypropylene film with a pre-cut silicone paper liner and printed, due to its polypropylene film is easy to apply, giving a great and lustrous finish, extending the lifetime of the protected surface.

The silicone paper liner have a zone pre-cut in the middle to set before to cover, and a scale grid making it to fit at any size.

It´s good for the environment with good adhesion, but it can be re-add in case of a bad mounting.


​Useful to cover books and notebooks and office projects, school works, to protect, frames and more.

​Available Measures:

50cm X 36cm

​Available Colors:



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